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Transistors are semiconductor devices used as switches or amplifiers that control the flow of electrical current in electronic circuits. They play a crucial role in signal processing and digital logic.   Transistors are essential in modern electronics, enabling the creation of complex devices like computers, smartphones, and more. Transistors come in two main types: Bipolar Junction Transistors (BJTs) and Field-Effect Transistors (FETs). BJTs use current control, while FETs rely on voltage control in a circuit.  Depending on the application and design one can adopt a suitable package from Through Hole or SMD types.

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These voltage as well as current regulators are fundamental for consistent and controlled power management in electronic systems to maintain a steady voltage or current output, regardless of fluctuations in the input or load conditions.  They are available in various packages like Through Hole as well as SMD

We have a strong distribution network for supply of Transistors & Regulators with latest Date-Codes, Reel, Sealed packing with quality standards to our clients. Few of the Transistors & Regulators we deal are BJT, FET, Small-Signal, Small Switching, Power, High Frequency, Photo-transistor, UJT, Avalanche, Darlington and Voltage Regulators like Linear, Switching (LDO, Step-Up, Step-Down, Buck-Boost), etc.