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Passive Components

Passive Components are essential electronic elements that don’t amplify, control, or generate electrical signals. Instead, they store, manage, or transmit electrical energy. Common passive components include RESISTORS (limiting current), CAPACITORS (storing and releasing electrical energy) and INDUCTORS (storing energy in a magnetic field). They are crucial for building any electronic circuits.

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There are various types, including Fixed resistors (with a constant resistance value), Variable resistors (resistance can be adjusted), and specialized resistors like Thermistors (resistance changes with temperature) and Photo-resistors (light-sensitive resistance). They are used in electronic circuits for controlling current, voltage division, and signal conditioning. 

You can rely upon us for All Types of Resistors in Through Hole & SMD packages like CFR, MFR, MOR, Wire-Wound, Fuseable, Trimpots(Potentiometers), MOVs, Thermistors, Network Resistors, etc.

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Capacitors are components that store and release electrical energy in electronic circuits. Capacitors are essential for functions like timing, filtering and energy storage in electronic devices. They come in various types including Electrolytic, Ceramic, Tantalum and more, each with specific characteristics..

We are well equipped to support your requirements of all type of Capacitors Electrolytic, Polyester/Mylar Film, Ceramic, Multi-Layer Ceramic, Tantalums, etc. in both SMD and Through Hole packages

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Inductors are passive components that store energy in a magnetic field when current flows through them. They resist changes in current and are used in electronics for tasks like filtering and energy storage. They play a crucial role in applications like power supplies, transformers, and filtering circuits, helping to manage and control electrical signals in electronic devices.

We are capable of supplying any type of Inductors like Power Inductors, Ferrite Beads, SMD Chip Inductors, Through Hole Inductors both Axial & Radial lead packages, etc.